Intercession Insights

One of the main assignments from heaven for the Firehouses, is to hear currently what God is saying to the church and pray that into being.

Currently we have been calling the body of Christ into her true statue in Him.

The parallel was made of the people of God coming out of Egypt and into the promised land.

There is a ‘treacherous wilderness’ the takes careful navigation. It takes flawless obedience in flowing with the presence of God, bold crossings of the impossible, great faith and determination to ensure that we a make it into our promised land.

The word of the Lord has been, ‘Let My People Go…and Bring My People Home’.

I believe God is aching to see His people living in the fullness of life and relationship with Him, that Jesus purchased for us. He wants his people to find themselves at home in Him.

It is only from this overcoming, promised position that we can invade the nations to establish righteousness.

Please continue to pray with us that the people of God will make it across this treacherous gap, ready and equipped, knowing their identity, ready to possess their inheritance and extend the Kingdom of God.


It’s Time to SHOUT

It’s Time to ‘SHOUT!’

The day and the season that we have been waiting for since 2008, is here!! Hallelujah!!

The body of Jesus Christ in the world today has been on a journey since the Charismatic Move of the 70’s. This journey, I believe mirrors the children of Israel coming out of Egypt, finding their way across the desert at God’s direction and yet because of doubt, unbelief and intimidation failing to enter their promised land and  possess their full inheritance .

In 2008, there was a sense that the body of Christ, the people of God were coming again to a place where they could see their promised land and were rising up to possess their promises. God faithfully brought us again to the point of ‘crossing over’ our ‘Jordan’.  The  barriers in the past that had prevented us from living in our promised place, the mindsets, the intimidations of the enemy, the fears and doubts were all being addressed. The old religious spirits were being pushed back and the body began to see again the promises and yearn to live in the fulness of them..  It was here that we got excited. Signs of new life were springing forth. We expected we would be headed into the ‘Promised Land ‘ at any moment.

However, it was still not time. We had learnt the lessons of the wilderness, now we had to learn the lessons of that time from Joshua 3 – 6 where the people of God were prepared. They were circumcised and they were sanctified and they were clearly assigned as an army under God. Joshua encountered the Lord of the Host of Heavens armies, he understood that God’s people were now an army under God’s direction!(He was not on their side but they were on his side!!) They were called up again as warriors. They had spent many years in the wilderness and they no longer knew what it was to be apart of the overcoming army of God.I believe that the preparation and the the waiting of the last  few years is over. God has directed his people to rise up as an army and begin to move into their promises!! 

Now Joshua and his new army were in training. Joshua did not move without encountering the commander and chief of the Host of heavens armies. Joshua did not move forward without the strategy of heaven. He then obeyed every word of the Lord and positioned his troops to do the same. He marched around ‘the wall‘ and released the shout at the command, at the word and in the timing of the Lord!

The first task for the army of Israel was to confront a wall. The wall of Jericho loomed large before them. It was the first thing that needed to be taken out in order for the Israelites to move into their promises and take their promised possessions and land. It is not an easy place. Many of us have felt like we are trying to move forward, but have hit a brick wall!  Don’t be discouraged, remember all the lessons of the wilderness and this past season. Take your position in the army, under the commander and chief of the hosts of heavens armies, of which we are apart. Wait on him for the equipping, the strategy and the timing in which to move forward. Yes, this is war! But ‘I AM’ is with you’. If we stay focused and deliberate and move at the unction and direction of the Holy Spirit, we will raise a shout and we will breakthrough!!

The body of Jesus Christ is poised in this place. Different tribes will release their shout at the time right for them, but you will begin to hear shouts arise from all over the body. It is time for the walls to come down for it is time for the people of God to enter into the promises of God. The promises that display a life blessed to be a blessing. Lives equipped with ‘everything we need for life and godliness’, people who are equipped to be strong and do exploits.

Yes, darkness is covering the earth and deep darkness the peoples, but the glory of God continues to rise on His people. The Boston bombings, the Chinese earthquake, N.Zealand legalizing homosexual marriage  is the enemy running scared and trying to make his presence felt, because he knows it is the beginning of his end!!

God has done what he said He would do in Is.42:13.

The Lord will march forth like a mighty hero;
he will come out like a warrior, full of fury.
He will shout his battle cry
and crush all his enemies.


He will say, “I have long been silent;
yes, I have restrained myself.
But now, like a woman in labor,
I will cry and groan and pant….


God has stood up. He has roused himself and he has begun to cry out!  He is moving His people into their promise land!! It is time to shout with him!!

There is the release of his lightnings and thunderings, there has even been signs in the heavens (recent meteor shower) to display that God himself has risen in his strength to enforce His victory on the earth.

Prayer Strategy

1)To those already battle hardened, those who already have been commissioned as officers, generals, commanders, commandos, elite troops and warriors, we must press through at this time until we find ourselves positioned to release the shout of the Lord.

2)We must pray that the full army of God will be gathered and the fighting will not just be left to the few. Call the soldiers into the battle. This is a critical time, everyone is recruited to do their part when a nation is at war. Call everyone in the body of Christ into their position in the army.

3)The trumpeters, worshippers and singers must go first, but it is a time to be focused,  looking to the Lord for the time of the shout, for your company and others you are called to intercede for!!

4) As prayer warriors let’s continue to press in for this season, especially up to Pentecost and to the end of May, to see the walls come down and the people of God running ahead and taking hold of the promises of God.

5)I believe that we are still in that critical season of the march around the wall. We can see our victory in sight. We can see that God has positioned us. We have been called to march, but it is tough going right now. We are in a fight. The enemy is trying to throw us off course, he is trying to distract us,. He is trying to discourage us. Don’t give in, press ahead, you will break through! It is the season between resurrection and Pentecost, press in, there is much that the Lord wants to reveal to you.

6)Indeed I believe this is the season to seek the Lord while he may be found. As we draw close to him, we are finding him in the secret place. This is the way to win in this season. God has drawn close to us!! The enemy will try to waylay us, but in the secret place you will be strengthened to continue around the wall. If it has not yet been your time to shout – it soon will be!!

7)I believe the shout of the Lord is being raised all around the world and it will usher the body of Christ into victory.  We as the army of God are called to enforce this victory. He is calling his people up into position and He is declaring “SHOUT!!’ for it is the beginning of a triumphant season for his people.

8)God is using this season to open our eyes and perceptions like never before. He is giving us a new ability to run on the heights with him. He is training us to run harder, to see further and to make greater advances than ever before.!! It is vital that the church take this step and cross over into their promised possessions and that we don’t shrink back and don’t give way to doubt and fear, but that we continue on, that we press through and see this wall come down so that we all may go in and claim our inheritance.

9)The word for the blowing of the Shofar is the same word as for ‘Jubilee.”The sound of the trumpets and the sound of the rams horn and the people lifting up a shout are bringing down the walls and releasing the people of God into the era of a Jubilee. In the time of Jubilee, it was time for the captives to go free, it was time for the slaves to be released, it was time for debts to be cancelled, fortunes restored and land restored. It was the restoration of families. It was the restoration of finance.It is time that we all receive back the full inheritance promised to us. Let stand for our futures  restored!!

10)Let’s watch for the shout! Let’s continue to decree “restore!’; and like Caleb, let’s ask on behalf of the people of God, for the mountain promised them when they first saw their promised land.

We have been declaring a new season and a new day and it absolutely is. Putting it in context of the past few years in the body of Christ, makes it a really exciting time. I’m listening with you,for the ‘Shout’!!

With much expectation,

Love and blessings,



Its the Dawn of a New Day 2013

It’s the Dawn of a New Day!
The Firehouse Watch
30 December 2012
Dear Firehouse Overcomers,
There has been a shift in the Spirit!
We read in the Christmas story,  ‘and the government shall be upon his shoulders….and of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end. ( Is.6:9-11.) The government of God is increasing in the earth!
December 2012 (12.12.12) has marked a significant shift of season. A shift I believe that has seen the government of God increase in the earth. It is a new day of authority for the bride of Christ!
Old governmental structures of the enemy have come down over the nations and therefore over individual lives. Christ’s bride too is coming out from under old governmental structures and mindsets that have contained her. In this new era it is vital to ‘enthrone the Government of God’ in places where the enemy has been evicted.
I encourage you all to continue to call the Government of God into place over  you, your family, church and nations. Decree majesties for His people, decree His Kingdom authority be established.(Ps.44:4) What is shifted in the heavens will manifest on the earth!! God is uncovering his ‘pearl,’ his bride, in the nations. He has shifted old containments out of your life to loose you into a greater authority in Him.
There is a greater release from heaven.
The enemy is losing ground and the people of God are advancing their position. Heaven is just more open and accessible and the gifts of God are being poured out in greater measure. I believe it is because the bride of Christ has stepped up into a greater level of faith. As old mindsets, strongholds, are coming down, rise in faith for this new era. As scripture says, you can have what you can believe for!
You have authority to make a difference!
I was blessed to see the musical, ‘South Pacific’.
It was based on stories told of the war in the Pacific in 1941-42. The Allies were fighting in the Coral Sea to push back the Japanese invasion of Port Moresby and Bougainville which would afford them access to Australia.
The story highlights 2 men, willing to risk all, willing to be strategically positioned and ready to go into enemy territory. Their efforts, turned the tide of the war. Just 2 men, positioned strategically contributed to turning the allies’ position in the war. Historically this was true. A battle that looked impossible to win, was turned around on the willingness of just 2 men.
A statement by Margaret Mead cam to mind.
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”
It’s time!
Find your cause, gather your small company and watch what God will do.
As you submit to God’s will, God’s way, you will get God’s empowered results.
He is calling you to take your mountain.  He has transitioned many in this past season, into a new position, spiritually, mentally and in many cases geographically. He has positioned his people for maximum impact!!!
It’s time – You don’t need a lot of people, or a lot of backing, funding and equipment. Just 2, can make a difference. Just 2 can turn the tide of the spiritual war that we face. Move ahead at His command: Now is the time! – no more delay or questioning – If not you – who? If not now -when?
Remember the lessons of this transition period!
When David bought back the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem he learned 2 valuable lessons. a) God’s will must be done God’s way. The ark had to be carried on the priest’s shoulders as God had prescribed in the law. b) Once you are doing God’s will, God’s way, you still must proceed in the midst of worship. David went just 6 steps before he stopped and sacrificed and worshipped before God.
It is not a light matter to carry the presence of the living God and yet that is what we are privileged to do. We do not have the strength to carry this weight of glory any further than 6 steps (the # of man) before we must stop and give a sacrifice of worship and be strengthened again in his presence. It is only as we carefully host His presence that we will move His Kingdom forward in the earth. The only way to host his presence is to be in constant communion (prayer) with him, entwined with his Spirit.(John17)
Be Encouraged!
The path to the fulfillment of His promises and destiny of our lives is not always straight to our destination.
The real adventures and life in God are found on the way to our destination. Enjoy the journey! Enjoy the twists n turns, embrace the periods when you must slow and wait for others or stop and help friends or enemies along.
Life is full and free when we follow the plan of the Holy Spirit into our destiny. To strive and fuss and rush impatiently ahead will not benefit you.
Jesus took 30 years of preparation for a ministry plan of 3 years.Keep going, your ministry plan will unfold and you will be fruitful and complete it.
You may have found yourself going backwards down the wrong side of your mountain, but that is just where the path to the top takes you.
It’s time – take courage – you will finish the course.
It’s a new day!
I heard the Lord say, “Give my bride the respect her name carries.” I believe that as we deal with the bride of Christ with the respect due her name, she will rise to behave like she is treated. With our own children, we treat them as we want them to behave. Let’s do this for Christ’s beloved people and see them rise to the fullness of love and authority he has placed on their shoulders as His bride.
Prayer Encouragement
There has been many wonderful prophecies already released for 2013. Many confirm the declaration of a new day. These are available across the media. As such, I have attached 2 prophecies from our own firehouses at the end of this letter. I would encourage you to use them for prayer both personally and as you pray for the whole body of Christ. If you have an encouraging word from the Lord for 2013, please send it to me so it can be shared.
Holiday Recess
I pray you will all take some time off in this holiday season. As a Firehouse we will be in recess for January unless there is a crisis that we are alerted to. Looking forward to joining with you all again in February.
Blessings to you in this remarkable new season.
I decree prosperity and plenty over you all. I see abundance coming to you and you ‘abounding’ in every good work. Amen!
It is time! Let the army arise!!!
Much Love,

When the Wind Blows – Warrior Ride the Wind

Dear Firehouse Warriors,


Thank you for your continuing prayers  and enthusiasm that God receive all the glory due his name.

This was Jesus desire while he was on earth. In John 17, Jesus is passionate to see the Father “receive the praise and glory due to Him”

This then is also the passion of the Firehouses, to see the Father’s kingdom extended that He may be honoured!!


‘When the Wind Blows – Warrior Ride the Wind!’


Sandy Dolan, one of our HIM pastors, told me of the words to this song and it resounded in my Spirit.

As we have been sensing, the wind has been blowing and it has not stopped.

I believe we are catching great gusts of wind and it has blown us together for such a time as this!

Riding the wind of the Spirit, what a privilege! He blows ‘where He wills,‘ so be encouraged. Expect great adventures!!

Adventure, seems to be one of the favourite ways of the Spirit. The Spirit is full of life and takes us into all number of adventures in our walk with him.

As prayer warriors, I’m sure your getting familiar with the adventurous ways of the Spirit.  It’s lots of fun!! Let’s catch the Spirit and ride the wind!!


Transform World

The Holy Spirit in his adventurous ways ‘blew’ me over to Bali for the Transform World Global Summit. I mentioned it last week. I wanted to report on what a remarkable time that was.

I was able to connect with other networks and houses of prayer all around the world. As part of the Transform World Celebration Challenge,  we are together building interconnecting walls of prayer around the nations.

Prayer is quickly becoming a movement. I believe that prayer must become a movement as christians return to who they really are. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and his temple is a house of prayer for all nations. Every christian is  beginning to discover their own place in this house of prayer.


Before we head off to Cambodia, ( thank you for your continued support) we have another prayer adventure right here in Brisbane.

We will be joining with The Prayer Furnace and Strategic WIN Prayer Network, to see God do what He is famous for. That is, turning what the enemy means for harm, into good! (Rom8:28)

We have a passion to see those who have been Saul’s become Paul’s – The Turning of Radical Hearts!

There are many who have wonderfully passionate hearts, have been well trained and who are passionate for justice, but do not know the love of the Father.

We are believing that God wants to change hearts and give the Pauls’ from many walks of life, supernatural encounters. I believe God has leaders at the ready who can passionately move the Kingdom of God forward in the earth.

Below I have added the flyer with all the details.


Cambodia Strategic Prayer Strike 

We continue to be encouraged in our trip to Cambodia. We are now joining together with many people and I believe it will be a very powerful time as we pray for the ruling power over Cambodia to be shifted, and the Lord Jesus to be enthroned as the King over the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Here is a quick outline of our itinerary. If you can join with us in prayer at any time, it would be very much appreciated.


Gold Coast – fly out Nov.27

Poipet – Nov.29 -Dec 2nd. Prayer with Chuck McCaul & the church plant team. Prayer with Patricia King’s outreach team.

Siem Reap – Dec. 3rd. This is our main prayer strike at Angkor Wat Temple in Siem Reap  from 9.00am, which will be 11.00 am Australian time.

Phnom Penn – Dec.4 – 7 Prayer & training with the various ministries represented in the Phnom Penn House of Prayer.


Please Pray

This past week we remembered the fallen warriors of our nation, and those affected by war, please pray for:-

1) The families, friends and communities that these men were part of.

2) ‘all those in authority over us’. Let’s especially pray for the leaders of our defence forces and the leaders of other nations who are also at war.

3) Israel. Let’s pray for ‘the peace of Jerusalem’, as Paul encourages.

4) Let’s also remember the spiritual warriors who have been ‘taken out’ by the enemy. Let’s pray His restoration love over them and call them back into the Father’s love.

5) Pray for our Cambodia Intercession Team. We really do need your prayer covering


With much love and respect for your heart of prayer,



Kingdom Life

Kingdom Life!

Dean Firehouse Warriors,

Thank you all for your response and encouragement. I am very excited to hear from so many of you who have been faithfully praying and agreeing together in small groups, tucked away in your prayer houses, in churches, in homes and in the community. 

You have been making a huge impact for the gospel! I salute you! I believe God has prepared and positioned us for such a time as this. Now He is joining us together in the Spirit  for what He has ordained. None less than the building of a ‘Wall of Fire’ in which He will display His glory!!

For quite awhile now God has been speaking to me of being established in the ways of righteousness. Below I have attempted to outline this as an encouragement for all of us to live and operate in the strength of this truth. If righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne then surely it must be the foundation of our own lives.  I have pasted it at the end of this letter.

The reason for the lateness of this e-mail is that I am currently in Bali at the Transform World Global Summit.  We just had the privilege of listening to Dick Eastman. It is amazing to hear how this movement of an ‘hour of prayer’ has really changed the world. We are here to connect, communicate and collaborate on the extending of prayer movements and houses of prayer across the world. It is wonderful to see globally what God is doing and how significantly His Kingdom is advancing across the nations. 

Thank you to all who have joined us in prayer, in preparation for our Cambodian trip.  In prayer God has already given us a strategy for our day at the Angor Wat temple.  Jill Duggan at the Alsonville Firehouse has collated what God has been showing them about our time in Cambodia and outlined some prayer directions for us. I will post this on the end of this letter as well. 

Be encouraged, ‘you are doing a great work.’ As we stand together and fight side by side and encourage one another in the work, the enemy will not be able to distract us or knock us off the wall. Just as a reminder, plese read Nehimiah Ch.4 again. I do believe that as we build the ‘wall of fire’ around the Rim, that God will show His glory within. 

Love and blessings to you and your family,



A Robe of Righteousness

While at the Conference recently, I saw a picture in the Spirit.

 ‘I knew I was looking at the temple in Heaven. I couldn’t see Jesus form because his radiance was so magnificent. I sensed His robe filled the temple, just as scripture explains. This robe was magnificant in its sheer magnitude. It shimmered and was white and light and glistening. Then I saw myself stepping  up under the robe and putting it over me like I was wearing it too. It felt light and easy to wear.  As I looked the robe was covered all over with gem stones.  As I looked again big gem stones fell off the robe and fell onto the earth.  Where they touched the earth, the earth turned red with blood. and the fields, ready to be harvested began to sway. 

I picked up a huge gem stone, like a quartz crystal. It was the size of 1/2 a carrot. As I looked closely, I saw a small picture inside the quartz. It was Peter the apostle out fishing, throwing his net onto the other side of the boat, and bringing in a masive hall.’

I believe Jesus is encouraging us, ‘Put on your robe of righteousness, it is a robe of splendor and it is a robe full of gifts that will facilitate the release of the harvest. My Kingdom will be established as my people embrace the ways of my Kingdom and live in the wisdom of my Kingdom.  The wisdom of this world will not establish my Kingdom. Put on your robe of righteousness and you will walk in  the power and authority needed to extend my Kingdom. For My Kingdom is surely as Daniel saw. It will come and overpower every other Kingdom and my Kingdom of righteousness will cover the whole earth. ‘(Daniel 2:44&45)

Jesus is the ‘King of Righteousness.’  God has been speaking to me of the power of a righteous life. His Kingdom is one of righteousness and He has given us His robe of righteousness so that we can live and operate in the power and authority of the Kingdom. Living in His Kingdom, living in his divine order is living in righteousness, peace and joy.  The foundation of His Throne, (ie his authority) is righteousness and justice. To live and operate out of righteousness, has with it an authority to advance and establish His Kingdom. 

In the Old Testament, righteousness was kept through the law and all unrighteousness was delt with through judgement. Therefore, in order to maintain righteousness, God was by necessity a God of judgement.. This dividne order is necessary to the advancing and the establishing of his Kingdom on earth.

In the New Testament,  Jesus fulfills all righteousness. His blood is shed and and it cleanses and covers. Now God’s nature as a Father is predominant. Sin, the disruption to divine order, has been dealt with through the shedding of blood and therefore grace, not law is the new ‘Kingdom order!!’

Now our righteousness stands in the power of the blood.  The authority of God’s Kingdom stands in righteousness. His Kingdom is advanced in the power of His righteousness. Using the world’s ways and relying on men’s wisdom will not advance a righteous Kingdom.  As kings and priests in a righteous kingdom let’s wear our robe of righteousness and take our positions in His Kingdom to command and enforce the extention of His kingdom in earth. The fervent prayers of a righteous man, avail much! Let righteousness flow from the robe he has placed on us. (‘Let justice flow like rivers and righteousness like a never- ending stream.)

Man’s own righteousness is filthy rags, but by his righteousness we establish his Kingdom order in our lives. It must then flow into every aspect of our ministry and all our dealings in this world. His ways of righteousness must be our ways. 

As we His people appropriate the power of a righteous life, living in the power and authority of that righteousness, gifts are given to men.  (He led captives in his train and gave gifts to men.)The gems that fell off the robe are the gifts necessary for us to overcome the enemy and establish the Kingdom.  I believe Heaven is distributing gifts of wealth and provision for the ingathering of the harevest to those who have appropriated a righteous life . Righteousness in us and flowing through us is necessary to the advancing of His Kingdom.

I believe God is saying, ‘Get ready for a huge hall of fish’ . The harvest is upon us, but to access the harvest requires that we throw our nets over the OTHER side of the boat.  Too long the church has been fishing for converts using the methods of men. Using the ways and wisdom of men, will produce nothing.  ‘Without Me , you can do nothing.’ I believe that we have to do things differently to how they have been done til now.  We have to work in right aligement with heaven.  We must live and move in the righteousness of Jesus and live by the ways of  Heaven. Jenny  Hagger spoke a word about the wisdom of God, from Prov.8:1‘Listen..Think again.’  We must step into righteousness and the knowlege of the Holy One  and live in his ways . Then we will have power to extend his kingdom.Where the gem stones fell the blood of Jesus was poured out and the harvest swayed ie. bowed, surrendered, swept in.

There is a power in righteousness that empowers the advancement of the Kingdom. The prayer of the righteous man avails much.The righteous are rightly aligned with the Kingdom and therefore pray the prayers that are in agreement with the rule of Heaven on earth.Unless the army of God advances as an army of righteousness, we wil lnever establish and keep the land that we have taken. Righteousness is the key.   


1)Please pray into this word. Please pray for the body of Christ to truely reflect who He is and operate in his ways, the ways of righteousness.

2)As the Firehouses increase in number, let;s pray for all of them, that the power and purpose of God for each one would florish.

3)A new Firehouse is being built in the Solomon Islands. Let’s pray for God will finish the work He has begun through his people there.

4)Plese continue to pray for our strategic prayer strike into Cambodia. Ther guidelines are on the page below.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Plese send through any prophetic words or prayer requests you think are stategic for the Rim.


The Wind is Blowing, Hoist a Full Sail

The Wind is Blowing!!

Hoist a Full Sail!!!


Dear Watchers,

This week we witnessed the wind blowing hard in the natural. It is a confirmation I believe of the release of the wind of the Holy Spirit blowing in our nation and it is blowing hard!!! When the wind is blowing hard you can’t ignore it, you have to respond to it. There are various responses:

  1. The best choice,  and the freeing choice, and God’s choice for us is that we put up our sails and catch as much wind as possible and let it take us fast and far!! It’s time to GO with the wind, go like the wind. Don’t resist, go with the wind – hard and fast!
  2. If you somehow find yourself seemingly positioned in a place where the wind is against you – turn into the wind and let it give you lift.  Take flight and let the Holy Spirit catch you up to sore on wings as eagles…
  3. If you just stand in the wind, particularly a strong wind it is hard just to stay standing still. It is tiring just to keep your place. I believe God wants us to get in the flow and the wind stream of his spirit. It is easier to go with the wind of the Spirit than to resist him and try and stay still. God is moving us on.
  4. If you stay still when a strong wind is blowing, you get cold.  Then you curl up and resist moving.  Don’t resist the wind. Allow the wind of the Spirit to move you and stay warmed by flowing and going with the wind.

I have seen large and small boats and even ships, some beached and some at anchor, all with their sails furled. These ships represent individuals and their ministeries & destinies. They are God’s people that God himself launched into the harvest field.  All the provision necessary is on board, but they have been be-calmed, side-lined and beached.

However, God’s Spirit is blowing and blowing hard,  he is blowing on us all. No matter what position we find ourselves in, God’s plan is that we unfurl our sails and catch the wind. The wind is blowing hard, just put your sails up. His Spirit is blowing to restore you and bring you again into the fullness of His plan in and through you.

When the wind is blowing hard you don’t have to be a master sailor to catch the wind!! The wind has in seasons past been light and gusty and we have had to learn to navigate and sail well in order to catch the wind and be moved forward. But it is a new season and the wind is blowing strong. Just put up your sails again. You will catch the wind of the Spirit!!  

God wants us to put aside discouragements, disappointments and fears that cause unbelief and doubt and contain us.  Give yourself permission to go again.  It’s Time!! Release yourself to the flow of the Spirit. God is leading us on a new journey.  There is opportunity again for his people to launch out!.  Believe, just believe and go again with the wind of the Holy Spirit.

As I said, the boats were already fully equipped and you have everything you need. Don’t look to your own abilities or lack of ability.  Too often we trust in our own abilities and tell God we need more giftings to do the work he sent us to do.  Like Moses, we complain to God that we can’t possibly do what He has called us to do. However, like Moses, God already has our provision (Aaron) coming  to meet us.(Ex.4:10-14) The Lord has all the provision in place for you. Just believe. Don’t rely on your own giftings and don’t look to your own abilities to be confident to step out.

Our focus, strength and ability is in Him. Look to Him. Our confidence must be in Him.  We flow with His Spirit, not our own strength, as Jesus remains our focus.


Please Pray:-

1) That we his people, his bride, will break out of all restrictions, and move into a freer, unfettered, unfurled place where we are free to catch the wind of his Spirit. That His body will catch the wind of His Spirit .

2) That we would be bold and very courageous and put up our sails so that we can be fully filled and empowered by the Spirit.

3) That we repent of having confidence in our own abilities and put our faith in what Jesus can do in and through us.

4) Speak ‘Restore!’ over the body of Christ.  Speak ‘It’s Time!’ Speak that the wind will blow into every heart to bring us into fullness of life and destiny!


I so appreciate your passion for prayer and your desire to see the Father glorified.

Here comes His Kingdom!!!

Love and blessings,



It’s Time

It’s Time. It’s Time, It’s Time!!

The Voice of the Lord Thunders out of Zion!!

Release the Power of the presence of His glory!!



Dear Freedom Fighters,

Thank you for your prayers. I feel the accumulation of the prayers of the saints and it is shifting boundaries in the heavens over us. Let’s keep declaring the new season until the release of it is fully upon us. There have been many great encouragements of open heavens and God encounters.

At the HIM meeting this week, there were great words of encouragement and strategic prophecies released. Below is a fuller version of a prophetic declaration that was released. I feel it is important to keep decreeing what heaven is decreeing. Please continue to make declarations with this word across the body of Christ in Australia. The Voice of the Lord is thundering out of heaven, let’s join Him.

We decree:-

It’s time, it’s time, it’s time.  It’s time for the release of the power of the presence of his glory!We release the power of the presence of His glory!

The voice of the Lord thunders out of Zion. The voice of the Lord roars out of Zion. For it is the day of the release of the voice of His Power ! The voice of his power thunders, the voice of His power roars, the voice of his power is released across this land!

Even NOW,  NOW, NOW,  My rumblings  are released across this nation, and I will be enthroned in the rumblings and I will be enthroned in the shiftings, and I will be enthroned in the shakings.  And we decree shift, shift, shift into the new season , shift into the new season of God’s glory, shift into the new season of His delivering power , shift into the new season of his dynamic power, shift into the new season of his Dunamis power, for it is his Dunamis power that releases signs and wonders. I decree the release of signs, wonders and miracles across the body of Christ in Australia today.  Release, release, release, says the Lord.

I am coming on the wind, I am like the wind, and I am like the fire, and I am like the flood and I will move across this land in great power and in great deliverance and I will move across this land and unleash my power, and the power of the wind and the power of the storms and the power of the floods will not be able to withstand my day of visitation.

Indeed I am coming, I am coming in like a storm, I am coming in like a fire and I am coming in like a flood and I will have my way for,

This is the day of the release of the POWER of the PRESENCE of the GLORY of the Lord. 

The release of the POWER OF THE GLORY PRESENCE of God, 

The release of MY ‘GLORY FIRE’ says the Lord.

Prayer Targets:-

1) Please continue to decree this prophetic word. The roar is a new sound and there is a new dance of freedom for God’s people that will break us out of the old place and into a new level of glory. Keep releasing this in the spirit.

2) The sesaon of 11:11 is still with us.  Transformation and shifting into new positions is still necessary for many in the body of Christ. It is the season of stepping into our position(identity) in Christ in the spiritual realm and into position in this natural realm. Continue to decree a shift for individuals and churches.

3) Cambodia Alert!!! In less than 4 weeks a team of 7 firehouse warriors head off to Cambodia for a prayer strike. There are 3 main targets for prayer in Cambodia:-

  1. Prayer in and for the city of Poipet. This city is at the boarder of Cambodia and Thailand and much of the sex trafficking is at this point.  We are working with Patricia King’s ministry and a new church plant in the city.
  2. On Dec.3 our team will join with other Aussie missionaries for a prayer strike at Ankor Wat temple in Siem Reap. Would value you prayers specifically on this day.
  3. The remainder of our time will be in Phnom Penn, where we will join with the city’s house of prayer, praying for the city and with various ministeries across the city.

Your prayer support in this is very much appreciated. I will follow up with more specific prayer requests as the time gets closer.  I believe this is very much a launching of our mandate to build the ‘wall of fire’ around the Pacific Rim.

4) There will be a Global Prayer Summit in Indonesia from Nov.6-10. Jenny Haggar, Tony & Jane Scammell and myself will be attending. It is under the direction of Transform World and we would appreciate your prayer for global direction within the prayer movement.

Up-Coming Events 

Saturday, Nov.24, 3-6pm, at 46Kelvin Grove Road, we are joining with the Strategic WIN Network and Generation Fire to pray and decree, ‘From Saul to Paul – the turning of zealous hearts!’ As Firehouses we are particularly responsible for the last house of the day. Hope you can join us.

As partners together, please continue to keep me up to date with prophetic words and direction you are receiving for your own firehouses and for us together as a company. I want us to support one another’s vision and join together in whatever assignment God has for us. I am very aware that every person’s contribution is necessary to understanding the whole picture.  As we pray and stand together we will get more and more clarity as God leads us strategically to continue to build the ‘wall of Fire’ around the Pacific.

It has been such a joy to connect with many of you over the few weeks since the conference. Thank you for your passion for Jesus and prayer.

Much love and enormous respect and thankfulness for the many years of prayer that have brought us to this Kiaros time in Kingdom history.


Love & Blessings,



A Prophetic Direction

A Prophetic Direction

Welcome to the Jewish New Year!

I for one had fun enthroning Jesus and declaring our God’s  dominion in the earth, which is the practice on Jewish New Year.

I know as christians we get to recognise this every day but it was fun to imagine the blowing of the shofars and to welcome  a new year.

I do believe spiritually, that we have come to a new season in the christian church!

As I’m sure you all are aware, the heavens seem freer and  the fellowship of the Holy Spirit  more available than we’ve ever experienced!!

After the New Year the Jews also celebrate what is known as ‘Ten days of Awe.’

These days are especially set aside to examine our hearts, to ‘see if there is any unlawful thing in me’, and  to prepare for the day of atonement, when a blood sacrifice would set the people free from their sin.

Again, as Christians we get to do this every day. However, I did feel the wind of the spirit upon this thought.

Indeed it felt like God’s encouragement to do a ‘spring clean’ as we in the southern hemisphere enter into spring time, in preparation to receive all that God is pouring out.

As houses of prayer, let’s look at our own lives, but let’s also  enter into ‘identificational repentance’ on behalf of our neighbourhoods, cities and  the nations we have been called to cover.

I believe this will be a great preparation for the advancing of the Kingdom in this new season.

God is pouring our his Spirit beyond anything we have seen before and we don’t want anyone to miss out.


Pray for Cambodia

Please join me in praying for the church in Cambodia and across the nations.

1) That we will awaken into the realisation that every believer is called the ‘temple’ of God (1Cor.3:16) and therefore every believer is a house of prayer for all nations.(Matt4:18)

2)That we as houses of prayer will awaken to pray, and much prayer will be released to see much victory as the Lord builds his church.

3)That there would come great unity in this project and the plans of the enemy against such a gathering would be thwarted.

4)That we would see the supernatural fire of God released across this project and see justice and righteousness rescue and establish a nation..

Thank you so much for your faithfulness before the Lord in prayer.

I know that we are catching his heart. What a privilege to join with Jesus in intercession to see His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

Love and blessings,