Watch & Wait to Pentecost

May 30, 2019
Dear Watchman Warriors,

There are 50 days from Passover to Pentecost, that is 50 days from Jesus resurrection to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Today is day 40, the day that Jesus was taken from the earth and he commanded his disciples to go and wait in the Upper room for the release of the Holy Spirit.

This Easter, on the anniversary of the ultimate shift into a new era, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we saw the body of Christ come again into a New Era!! Now as we come into the anniversary of Pentecost, I believe God is about to release a greater empowering for this new era!!

Since Easter, there has now been 5 major ‘light shows’ across the Australian sky.
There has been 2 comets seen across the sky, there have been 2 meteors hit Australia with great explosions of light and the ‘Aurora Australis,’ the southern lights, although rarely seen have been visible in the southern sky.
God is declaring that His light and power is about to be displayed across Australia in greater measure!!

Having seen the dramatic display of His light coming into the earth, in these next 10 days ( May30-June8) we are meeting daily to watch and pray! Just as the disciples did, we are watching for a greater release of His presence and power through the Holy Spirit for the New Era!!!! There is a drawing to know  Holy Spirit and at the leading and unction of Holy Spirit  we will again see the release of powerful signs and wonders, healings and great advancing in the establishing of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

We see in the story of Elijah and Elisha, a picture of what the Lord is doing in this new era!!
The promise to Elisha was that if he saw Elijah taken into the heavens, he would receive a double portion of his mantel.
What Elisha saw when Elijah was taken in the whirlwind, were the chariots and horses of Israel.
I believe they represent the double portion anointing of the Spirit. Elijah went up in a whirlwind, but the chariots and horsemen of fire, were sent into the earth.
As Elisha saw Elijah leave, he ripped his old coat (mantel). He was taking it off to show his grieving and yet it made way for Elisha to take up his new mantel.

As we wait, we must look to see what the Lord is releasing. We must purposefully rip the old away in order to make room for the new to come.
Elisha declared, my father, my father, the chariots and horsemen of Israel!!
Elisha knew who his father was, he honoured him as his father and grieved that he was gone, but he rose to take hold of the new!!
Elijah picked up the double portion mantel and was emboldened to say, ‘show me the God of Elijah!’, because he saw the double portion of fire released into the earth.

Many years ago Heidi Baker released a prophecy of Chariots of Fire racing across the earth carrying the pure saints of God moving with great  love and power!!
Let’s decree the release of these chariots of fire in greater measure. Decree the release of a double portion of the Holy Spirit’s love and power into people, communities and nations!! 

The Lord  said to Joshua,  ‘As I was with Moses so I will be with you!!  This statement is reverberating in my heart!!
There were so many places and so many times that God showed himself strong in dramatic ways for Moses, but the Lord led me to  Moses asking to see God’s glory.
Moses had seen Gods fire, God’s power, God’s miracles, God’s presence. He had met with God face to face and yet he then asked to see His glory.

There is a level of glory that God wants us as His people to experience, that we have perhaps not seen yet. I believe it is a call from God to come and meet with Him, to watch and wait for Him, to be bold to ask to experience a greater measure of who He is.
God wants to reveal himself in greater measure. He is longing for us so to experience Him in greater measure, so we know Him and can release the expression of the fullness of who He is!

The release of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost saw the release of the power of God that caused the disciples to rise up and be the people of God that could change the world ad disciple the nations until the then known world had become predominately christian.

Prayer Watch
In the next 10 days we will pray systematically through Ps.63 to find ourselves in a new level of trust and a new level of faith to receive all that God is pouring out at this time.
Pray and call each one up to possess our inheritance in greater measure and advance the Kingdom in love and power, in Australia and across the globe!!

Watching with expectation.
Much love,
Cheryl xx