A New Hope!!

In our Firehouse in prayer, we heard a promise from the father of the release of a new dimension of glory from heaven to earth!!

A New Dimension of Glory on earth!!

We were lead to pray for 21 days in the days before Easter and pray and fast to see a new dimension of glory on earth, like it is in heaven.

After these days we received a prophetic word from the Lord which has encouraged us that He ha heard our prayers and indeed opened new portals of the knowledge of the glory of the Lord in the earth!!

Here is the prophetic word to encourage you.

I heard the Lord say:

Yes, it is no longer business as usual, you have broken into a whole new realm of my Kingdom come into the earth!

It is my good pleasure to give to you the Kingdom!

It’s alive and fresh, just like the dawning of the new day!!

It’s spectacular in its potential,

It’s unprecedented in its favour,

It’s miraculous in its access to the power of the throne of Heaven!

It’s unparalleled in its beauty, the beauty it will bring to the earth through my people who know me and love me and have poured out their lives to see my Kingdom come!!

It’s spectacular in its significance, for this new realm of glory upon the earth, has the potential to usher in the great end time harvest!!

Don’t be weary in well doing!! I have called you to even greater dimensions of the knowledge of the glory of the Lord upon the earth and it is you my faithful warriors, whom I have called to continue to fight the good fight of faith and see my Kingdom advance in the earth!!

My army, my triumphant reserve, is the greatest force in the earth!!

Rise in the authority I have given you in these last days, for the advancing of My Kingdom in the earth rests upon your shoulders. Yet, I have anointed you and empowered you as the ‘mighty men’ of David’s army and as David did, I trust you with my life!!

Today, I anoint you for glory!!

The glory realm will be your portion and your inheritance!!

Today I anoint you to life!

Today I anoint you with the power and authority of heaven displayed in unprecedented ways upon the earth!!

I hope you are as encouraged by what the Lord has said as I was.

Thank you to all who for joined with us in what has been a  wonderful journey into a greater dimension of glory for us and I believe in the earth!

Love & blessings,

Cheryl xx