Prophetic Word for Leaders in this Day of Awakening!! 21.11.2018

While I was  attending Awakening Australia in Melbourne, I was in awe as I had a sense I was witnessing the birthing of an historic move of God that will roll out across the nation, to the nations and down the generations!!! (Thank you Ben & Daniel)

Praying into this, I was reminded of a recent Prophetic Word from a young Australian revivalist, Matty Russell.

He said he believed that in this season of awakening it was important that the leaders of both generations run together. He saw that:

‘In a relay race, for a brief while, two runners have ahold of the baton at the same time.

Now is the time when both generations of leadership holding the baton, are to run together.’

I sensed the Holy Spirit confirming this word to me, but adding forcefully to it!!

‘The body of Christ is awakening across the land and indeed it is important that the leaders of both generations run together.

In this season when 2 generations are running together, it is important that each allow the other to keep their hand on the baton of leadership!

Both contributions are not just necessary, but vital to sustaining the life of ‘Awakening Australia’ that has been bought to birth in this season!

Both generations must give leadership to the body of Christ and each other in this season.

Both generations must defer privately and publicly to each other’s leadership. 

Both generations must take a firm hold on the baton of leadership, each willingly supporting the other in it.’

I felt the Lord add to this and give specific instruction on how to move forward in this New Era.

  1. The baton exchange is the critical part in any relay race.  If the baton exchange is done badly, the race can be completely forfeited  and lost!! The baton exchange between current leaders and next generation leaders is critical right now!! 
  2. To ensure that the momentum that has built for awakening across Australia continues, the running together and ultimate exchange must be executed with the wisdom and grace of the Holy Spirit. The process must be done carefully and prayerfully in the fear of the Lord .Even a fumbled transition can halt momentum and cause the race to be halted. By definition transition is a difficult season to navigate. It will require mutual respect, patience and weathering the intensity and difficulty we didn’t see coming. It will mean taking the hard knocks and still standing by your mate to make it through the storm.
  3. I heard, ‘ it will require good communication with neither party anxious to let the baton go nor anxious to receive it. It will require pure motives and pure hearts, with no selfish ambition or false humility.’
  4. It will also require careful, thoughtful deferring to one another and trust of each other. Overall it will require a submission to hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit and not dealing flippantly with a very difficult manoeuvre. Running together with both runners holding the baton takes much skill and patient practice in the knowledge of each other and how they run. Use this time of running together to develop relationship, love and mutual respect in leadership. Then when it is the time for a leader to let go, there will be a seamless exchange and the momentum of the move of God across the body of Christ in Australia will not be thawed by the enemy in months and years ahead.